We will hold stock in predetermined days and times. We will stop for five minutes.

This should not compromise our lives - our projects, our jobs, our commitments, the bullying from the system on everyone.

Reports of disconnection experiences to be posted on social networks with the hashtag #globalstrike2015 , or forwarded via e-mail for , will start to incorporate our online collection

For the registration is not required accuracy of the information, you can assume any identity on our network, including yours.

The information collected is confidential and the Global Strike team is committed to not provide or use them for other purposes.

Os números de celular e endereços de e-mail serão utilizados para comunicar o início e término das ações.
Phone numbers and e-mail addresses will be used to communicate the start and finish of the actions. Location data and messages will generate updates on our map.

Participate, download our material, share, register ...


The map brings together the hits viewing via social networks and the reports that are sent to us


Global Strike is an artistic proposal by Clayton Policarpo and Sergio Basbaum.